The Pine-Cone Wreath tutorial


So after I posted an image of a pine-cone wreath on my personal Facebook page I received a lot of messages from people asking me how I’d made it as they wanted to make one themselves. I’ll be honest I looked at some on Pinterest and then made it up as I went along but I thought I would share my how to with you guys in case you wanted to give it a go. So you will need;

  • Pine cones (lots of the bastards) I foraged mine in local woods with the toddler (free labour and she loved it, whoop whoop)
  • A wreath base (image of the ype I used further down)
  • Beading or floristry wire
  • White acyrlic spray paint, and clear spray paint to protect.
  • Fake snow (I think mine was a B&M bargain, but at this time of the year this stuff is everywhere!)
  • Glitter because I bloomin love some extra sparkle
  • Super sticky glue

So here goes;

Take a little person to the woods and have them collect pine-cones with you, alternatively you can buy pine-cones but I used a ton of them and I’m all for doing things cheap as possible. I think we had a carrier bag full.

I treated my pine-cones in a mix of water and vinegar solution to help kill any creepy crawlies lurking in there (soak for about an hour). You don’t need to do this as the oven should kill anything but I like to be sure, to be sure.

Next lay the pine-cones on foil covered trays and pop in the oven on low (about 120degrees in my fan oven) for a few hours, checking regularly, as they open try and stand them up so they open evenly.

Once fully opened I tend to let them rest for 24 hours, I then spray a covering of of white acrylic spray paint over them and again leave for 24 hours.

Then take your wreath base, wire and pine-cones, wrap the wire around the base of the pine cones and then wrap around the base, I’ve read a few different recommendations on the best way to do this, some say start from the inside working out, others do the inside and outside then middle. I’ve tried a few different ways but am yet to find which works best and do my own thing, let me know in the comments what you went for.  Don’t forget when you’re working round to make a little hook out of some of the wire to hang your wreath from.

Once you’ve done the three layers (inside, middle and outside) your basic wreath is complete however you will most likely have lots of gaps and spare pine-cones so I go a bit crazy with the tacky glue and stick loads in-between the gaps to give it the full look.

Once I’m happy with how full my wreath is, I apply a few coats of the white acrylic spray paint all over and once happy I sprinkle some fake snow over the wreath while the paint is still wet. I then leave for 24 hours.

The next day I sprinkle with iridescent glitter and the first coat of the clear spray paint to seal it all. Wait another 12-24 hours, I then lift the wreath to ensure any loose debris come away and an decide whether it needs any more glitter or snow.

Then over the course of the following days I spray a few more clear coats and voila, one DIY pine-cone wreath, made cheap for your front door.

If you give it a go pop a photo in the comments, Merry Christmas!