Things my toddler has had a tantrum about today

You know those days when you can do no right by your toddler? It has very much been one of those days today. So I thought I’d do a little list of the things she’s had a tantrum over today, as to be honest if I didn’t laugh about it I would most definitely cry. I would love to hear the reasons why your kid has had a tantrum too, let’s have a glass of wine and a laugh over those little dictators of ours!

So here goes:

  1. She was offered breakfast
  2. She wanted breakfast
  3. She was told not to put her rice crispies on her feet or feed to the dog.
  4. She couldn’t have a whole punnet of blueberries in one sitting
  5. She wanted to colour in, but when I got the colouring in stuff out I was a monster.
  6. I turned the TV off that wasn’t being watched and she was in a different room.
  7. I told her it is not nice to hit and not to hit me again.
  8. I told her not to put her sister’s teddy in her own poop whilst I changed her nappy.
  9. The dog was in his bed
  10. She was not allowed another snack, having had several already.
  11. She wasn’t given my glass tumbler I was drinking from to play with.
  12. I went for a wee
  13. I wasn’t drawing right
  14. I offered her some of my drink
  15. It was raining
  16. Daddy was making Lulu milk
  17. I wouldn’t eat the rest of her banana
  18. She wanted a banana but not the one on the side
  19. I wouldn’t let her eat the dried orange slices on the side
  20.  Mummy came to her instead of daddy
  21. The floor (go figure)

The list does go on so much more but I wanted to give you an insight into my day, well an insight into most of my days if I’m honest. So of you’ve had truly bad day with the kids and you’re thinking back to those child free holidays in the sun with cocktails when no one cried at you because you brought the wrong fork, know you are not alone.

I will just add, I bloomin love my girls and wouldn’t trade them for the world or go back to the days before I had them, it’s just sometimes, some days, it’s hard and I’m human, I’m a person, not just MOMMMMAAAAA!!!!

A personal fave of mine, the classic supermarket tantrum.