A strange kind of broodiness

So in the early summer of 2016, Maisie was reaching that age where she was actually getting interested in the world around her and the kid went mad for ducks, I would take her to all sorts of places to get a fix of a duck, if we took her to the local wildlife park, her favourite bit, not the monkey’s, the penguins or giraffes, nope the ducks!

Where it all began, she’s so small and bald <3

I’ve always loved ducks myself and I found myself really wanting a couple of pet ducks, at the time we lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere with a huge back garden and our landlord was happy for us to have some ducks. So i researched breeds, their temperment what each breed needs, how big they are, how easy to train etc etc. I did my sums on building them a run, a bath, a house, how much food was, how much straw etc was. We even went to a poultry auction to get a feel for what ducks were around, how much they were going for etc.

Getting another fix

I had the names picked out too, we were going to have;
Harry Quacker
Sirius Quack

Look at Harry Quacker and Lord Voldeduck

Then I realised, if we got ducks we would be committed to living in our house for a long time (and it had a good few issues) and it would mean no babies for a few years as the ducks would be my responsibility and I knew I wouldn’t be able to care for them properly whilst pregnant and with a kid and a mental dog.
Weirdly I wasn’t too worried about the dog with the ducks, although he likes to chase a chicken and a duck, once he had gotten used to them (I had a plan for that too) they would totally own him.
But that nagging thought of no babies for some time hit me, and I had my realisation (with another perfect moment while out for lunch with Muj) that I wanted another baby, more than I want ducks.

Another outing to feed the ducks

Luna is beginning to reach a similar age that Maisie was when the duck lust started and I was thinking about that the other night (during a night feed) and once again the duck broodiness hit. However, we no longer live on a farm, we live in the middle of suburbia with a tiny garden and I just about cope with a toddler, a baby, a needy dog and a few fish. Our income is down to John’s salary and it’s not practical, but still I have that broodiness for Harry Quacker and Voldeduck.
Sometimes I dream about that big lottery win, and we have a nice house (not too big, think of the cleaning) and I finally have my ducks. I am also pleased to find that this time there was no worry in the finality of no babies for some time if we were to acquire ducks.

For now, I will keep getting my fix with visits to the nearby pond, for now, and yes, I get a weird fix through Sarah and Duck on CBEEBIES….


One day ducks, one day.