What Happen’s After You Die?

This is maybe a bit of a deep one from me, but I was trawling through the mum chatrooms as I love to do, and a popular thread came up on Mumsnet: “to ask what happens when you die” and reading the responses really got me thinking. I’ve always had different images on what happens after you die so I’ll go through my scenario’s but I would love to know what you think too?

Scenarios in order of my favourite:

  1. You die and go to a heaven like place where you can reunite with your lost loved ones and finally have that hug you’ve been waiting for, my old dogs are there waiting for me too. You can also take a spirit like form and go to the land of the living to occasionally watch over your loved ones, which is when they see feathers or robin’s (as the old wives tales go).
  2. Heaven is basically a tropical island (or whatever your favourite destination is) where you can SLEEEEEEP as much as you want, there are cocktails on demand which don’t get you past tipsy and you never have a hangover, the sea is pure and clear and you can swim all day. Oh and you can eat all the carbs ever and look like a supermodel. (OK this one is big time fantasy but why not?)
  3. There is a form of heaven and hell and it turns out you have to have been pretty saintly to get into heaven, St Peter presses the button for the trap door and I slide down (the slide is actually really long and fun) to hell where I pay my penance and after a time can join heaven unless I was a total monster (time served depends on how bad you were, there’s a lower level of hell you never escape for paedophiles/rapists/murderers/terrorists)
  4. You die and are re-incarnated, I quite like the idea of being a sea turtle in my next life.
  5. You die and that is it, there is no more, no beyond, no heaven, but also no hell, no purgatory, it is the end.

For me, some of that is drawn from my coping mechanisms of dealing with death, I love the idea that my grandparents check in on my from time to time, both my girls have middle names after my nan’s as part of me feels like they were a gift from them. It sounds a bit naive in some ways written down and deep down I’m sure there is a very depressing scientific answer for what happens after you die but that doesn’t bring me comfort, my scenarios do. Also how cool does that slide sound? I obviously have watched way too many cartoons, but still!

So hit me with your ideas? I have to say, some of the comments on the thread above are quite enlightening to me, and even the “well you’re dead” type one’s have been written quite poetically that actually some of them don’t sound too awful either. Although I’m not shifting on my fantasy beliefs anytime soon.