It’s a Christmas Post!

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Luna with the big man himself

It may have escaped your attention but I LOVE Christmas, it’s just so magical. I love Christmas lights twinkling on a cold December night, I love having an excuse to eat crap and drink wine because it’s considered festive, and I love the fact that it pulls the family together.

As an adult I’ve always fully embraced Christmas but Christmas morning isn’t quite the same as an adult from when you were a kid. However now I’m a mum and it’s so exciting, last year Maisie didn’t really get Christmas, she was 11 months old and although she loved having presents it was all a bit confusing really and I was pregnant and a bit bleugh.

Admiring the Christmas train

This year however; Muj is loving the advent calendar, she’s loving all the talk of Santa, his Reindeer, Christmas morning and I am SOOOOO excited. I know she obviously still doesn’t quite get it, but she’s into it and I can’t wait for her to experience Christmas, not just the presents because honestly I could give her a carrier bag and she would be pleased, but all of it, getting together Christmas morning to see Santa has been, spending Christmas day together with family and having Christmas dinner together, pulling a cracker and playing games, I love it and she loves nothing more than being with her family.  I’ve kind of accepted Luna will probably be a bit overwhelmed by it all and mainly be interested in the wrapping paper than presents, but I’m excited for her to join us for some Christmas dinner now we’re weaning her, and I know she will get excited by seeing her sister excited too.

Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la

I won’t lie, having spent the last two Christmas’s pregnant I will be happy to be able to raise a toast this year too! I will also be raising an extra special toast to the fact that that bastard elf Sprinkles is gone. I will also be making the most of John being off too, as with his job having Christmas off is not guaranteed and we’ve been so lucky that he’s had annual leave this year to be with us.

One thing that has changed though, part of me is looking forward to the decorations coming down, not because I don’t like them, I love them but, our home is cosy with the four of us, a dog and all the kids paraphernalia. Throw in a big Christmas tree and other decs and it all becomes extremely cosy, we haven’t any room for the clothes horse so it’s in the playroom (conservatory) where clothes take forever to dry which means mount washmore never goes down in size. I also look forward to not having to shout “LOOK WITH YOUR EYES” everywhere we go because everywhere and everyone has Christmas decs out and Muj is like a moth to the flame with them, except she isn’t as light as a moth and is 10,000 times more clumsy and strong.
The final thing is all the toys! I’m not ungrateful at all, it’s lovely that so many people want to spoil our girls, it’s touching but finding space for them all gives me palpitations, Luna is still using all the baby stuff Maisie has outgrown so it’s not like I can chuck that out to make room either. I won’t lie, I get so excited about the day the play mat and the jumperoo go, the day we sold her swing was fantastic, we had nearly 1 metre of floor space back!

Probably the closest we’ll get to a Christmas family photo

So there it is, my post on Christmas. I’m going to try my best to stay away from the blog on Xmas eve/day/boxing day to focus on the family, though I’m sure there will be the odd post on social networks.

So I want to wish every single one of you a fantastic Christmas, however you celebrate, I’m embracing the chaos, and the wine! Merry Christmas Lovelies!


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