A Little Update from Moi

Hello my lovelies, I realise I have been quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks after our disastrous start to the New Year. In all honesty I’ve been taking a break for my mental health.

I had a bit of a breakdown just after New Year, with lots going on in my life as well as the juggling and exhausting act of raising two little ones close together with a husband that works long days on an ever changing shift pattern, everything caught up on me and I crashed hard.

Thankfully, I have an amazingly supportive family with my husband, my mum, sister and also my best friend. In my hour of need they came through, and the great thing was, that now I live back in Kent I could have cuddles from my mum, my best friend came over for hugs too and it really did help.

I have been open about what’s going on and I’ve also referred for counselling too, John has been great in keeping a check on me and making me talk about what’s in my head when I don’t want to.  Most importantly, the reason that makes me want to be better, to keep going, is my beautiful girls.

I’ve also started channeling my negative energy into creative energy and I’ve started creating ornaments with polymer clay which I’m enjoying.

Tomorrow my big girl is going to be two years old which I’ve got mixed emotions about, I’m very excited for her to be reaching more milestones but I’m also so sad at how quickly it’s going. The last week I’ve been making her birthday cake, a “Wana” (Moana) cake she requested and I won’t lie, I’m quite chuffed with how it has turned out.

The finished cake ready for tomorrow, probably would’ve been cheaper to have professionally made!

We’re off to an aquarium tomorrow before heading home for some cake and I’m feeling positive for the future, there’s going to be a lot of difficult times to come I’m sure especially now Maisie is entering the terrible two’s (sob) there’s going to be even more challenges, but I’m so glad to have a great support network around me.

Beach walk to help clear the head

So that’s where I’m at, I’m going to have some more content published soon (hopefully). For now I’m off to watch The Jungle Book with my big girl and breathe in her smell on her last evening as a 1 year old.

Showing her monkey to the actual monkey’s at the zoo last week