The Sudden Realisation

It’s dawned on me very recently that I am ageing, now I know what you’re thinking, well duh we all numnuts, BUT I mean in more specific way;

I’ve always been a bit middle aged, I was the more sensible friend, yes I have done some wild things in my teens (crazy piercing anyone?) and early 20’s but those were on the rare occasion and were harmless, but mainly I have been the boring more sensible type, mainly because I’m a worrier and I like to prepare and plan where I can, so the idea of getting older hasn’t bothered me because in spirit half the time I’m there.

I sound really fucking boring now don’t I? I guess in some ways I am, but I am very imaginative and creative plus I have a great dirty mind (with jokes before someone sends me their weird fantasy, although it would probably make me laugh) which I think helps balance the boring/sensible out!

Gloriously youthful!

Back to my epiphany, I have noticed more recently in my photo’s and selfie’s I’m beginning to get wrinkles! Shock horror, My hair which hasn’t been dyed since I fell preggo with Luna is a bit of a dull colour and I fear may be slightly greying?! *Get’s messages saying “oh you didn’t know?!”*

It’s not just the physical signs though, when my kettle broke the other day (if you don’t see my Insta stories you obviously missed out on a treat there!) I went round to so many shops to find the right one, now younger me, would’ve bought a pretty one made by a reputable brand and that would have been that, but here’s the thing, I’ve had all those brands and none last very long, a lot of the pretty design ones break too easily and are impractical. I very nearly bought the coolest kettle in Curry’s reduced from something like £80 to £30 BUT it felt flimsy as fudge, that won’t do me and my teas, so I went around handling these kettles and I bought a LOGIK one for fairly cheap because it felt sturdy it felt like it wouldn’t fail me like my last kettle had done (the bastard), oh and reviews looked good too! So that’s one way I’ve gotten old. *Not an ad for LOGIK, so far Larry the kettle has lasted one week and I’m pleased with him but it’s early days guys!*

Welcome to the family Larry

Today was my most recent revelation, on a playdate with my best one Egg and her gorgeous boy, we found ourselves deeply discussing Lidl, the price of meat there, the problem with parking at our local one and maneuverability and the random shit aisle you can never stay away from. But mainly how much everything cost, we were talking about boring grown up stuff and genuinely getting a bit overexcited about the bargains we’d had, her especially telling me all the meat her husband got for £x the other day. I promise this isn’t an ad for LIDL because the bastards also put a bloody Moana magazine at Maisie height when I was in there so guess who got mugged off £3.99! That was like the price of my bottle of wine and I know I’ll savour that wine more than the kid will her chuffing magazine, she can’t even bloody read!

Then Egg’s door went and it was a man (I use the term man loosely here), he had come to do a quick home inspection and neither of us could be believe it because he looked about 12! When did we reach that age that people doing proper legitimate jobs look so young? The thing is with my best friend, we may be married with kids but when I’m with her I feel like that same sixth form student messing around in drama rehearsals again with her. I’ll be honest we were both reeling at that point, that maybe we aren’t as young as we used to be.

Another more youthful me sans wrinkles 

So that’s my recent revelation, I’m no longer that young 20 something with elastic skin on a trim body trying to work out how you are a grown up, apparently, I am a grown up now?

So I’ve panic bought some wrinkle cream, and decided that maybe I need a “fun” new dress or something to show the kids I’m still hip hop, see I’m totes down with kids 😉

Curse you wrinkles!