Dear John

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Our Minimoon, back in the child free days when everyday together was a date day 😉

Dear John,

Don’t worry this isn’t the start of a romcom involving Channing Tatum (although I wouldn’t necessarily  say no). This is a shout out to my ever patient hubby, for our anniversary.

Congratulations we’ve made it 4 years of marriage, 2.5 of which have been spent raising small humans 1.5 of which has been spent looking after my pregnant ass and crazy hormones and two nights spent watching me push screaming melons out of my funzone.

Throw in there a house move, a complete change in our income and lifestyle and I think we can say we’re doing pretty good.

Yes I get shitty with you when we’re running late because I really hate tardiness especially for appointments.  Yes we still have the after night shifts grumpiness and mini arguments (sometimes full blown arguments) because we’re both tired and fed up but ultimately we both missed eachother. Things are a lot tougher financially and the burden falls to you to bring home the bacon, whilst we discuss our spends as joint decisions I know it’s a lot of pressure on you with a job that can be difficult. Likewise I know you know that staying home with the kids is exhausting, trying to entertain them everyday and stay patient when they’re being a “handful” is hard work and I do often miss working .

Sometimes we’ve gotten lost as a couple because we’ve been so involved in raising these mini dictators that our world revolves around them. It’s why I love when we have date days/nights where it’s just us to focus on eachother (and the dog) and I can remember how funny you genuinely are and how much I love your company not just as an ally against the small people but as my partner and my husband.

I hope our date days/nights can continue so we never lose track of who we are as a couple, and you’re not just that guy undoing my routine with the girls and filling them with treats because you can’t say no to those cute faces.


You are the perfect balance to me, and I think we both make eachother better people (most the time). I still get butterflies before a date with you, just like when we were first dating and that’s a pretty special thing. You make me laugh over the stupidest thing and you always have, even when I’m mad at you. I can’t wait to see where we are in another 4 years time. Plus then I can start nagging you about planning something special for our 10th wedding anniversary, that’ll give you two years to plan something but really I’ve just given you a 6 year heads up so, you know, you’re welcome champ.

For tonight and probably many more anniversaries let’s have a ruddy good date night at our fave restaurant Ozgurs and eat until we’re too uncomfortable and need to leave so we can get out of our nice clothes just to get comfy, because you know, marriage and neither of us knows the next opportunity we’ll have to eat out at a nice place so we gotta drink it in, because you know, kids .


I’m sure we’ll do the one day talks where we talk about what holidays we’re going to do one day (probably when the kids have left home 😂) and how I’ll have a craft room at some point and all that kind of stuff. I love the fact that we still make plans for our future together. They may have changed somewhat from what they used to be but I love imagining my future with you. Especially all the crap we’re going to do when we’re old, because if I’m going to let anyone other than our kids give me wrinkles I want it to be you. Although if you leave an empty toilet roll on the holder again you’re threatening that opportunity, #justsayin.

Although to be fair, I probably couldn’t ki you because A) I’d be left alone with our feral kids which is terrifying and B) I’d miss you, you know, I guess.

No one else can I have an entire conversation with over WhatsApp in just GIF’s, especially when I manage a whole conversation in just Jim Carrey GIFs (skills). You not only put up with my hippy/earth mumma lifestyle I’ve been moving towards but you’ve supported it somewhat and only fought me on some things and I know how big some of the changes have been yet you’ve stuck by and supported me on my quest to save the earth and listened to my rants about sustainability and litter.

I forever feel lucky to call myself your wife even when you’re being a bit of a dick which can be often but I’m probably a bitch even more often but they do be Cray.


My point is Happy Anniversary darling husband ❤️


Love your somewhat mental, occasionally homicidal, but always in love with you wife xxxxx

OfOur honeymoon in the Maldives 😍 one day, one far off day we shall return.


My name is Nikki, I am a Mombie, I first became a mombie in Jan 2016 and have doubled my mombie-like state since then. I'm a mum of two girls, a husband (because let's face it they're an extra child) and a mental dog.