About Me

I thought I’d do a bit of a getting to know you area, for anyone that wants to know more about me, that maybe I don’t cover in my rambling posts, so to start off here are some facts about me;

  • When I was a kid I appeared in the fishing program “Tight Lines” in the “young angler of the month” competition. Too cool, I know 😎, but I did enjoy going fishing with my parents, although I haven’t been since I was young and have no intentions to start again .
  • I’ve also been a TV extra in a detective series when I was a bummy student (I was lady in bar after work 😂) that paid for my new tyres on my trusty old Micra, God I loved that car.
  • I LOVE tea, I’m not a massive coffee fan, I only drink flavoured latte’s if I’m honest but I’m pretty sure I’m at least 80% tea.
  • I have a degree in business, yep I’m more than just a tired face!

    Collecting my degree in Canterbury Cathedral

  • People think my kids named my dog (he’s called Pumba, as in the warthog from the lion king) but he’s 4 and Maisie is not yet 2, it was all me!

    Best friends

  • At 6ft tall I’m a bit of a giant, my kids also take after me with gigantism.
  • I have a crippling fear of vomit, if someone is sick, even on TV I have a major panic attack.
  • My favourite meal is a roast, can’t beat and I make a damn fine yorkshire pudding.
  • We live in a rented home because it’s impossible to get on the housing ladder these days while paying private rent, which is frustrating as hell.
  • My husband is pretty crafty with woodworking, he made me a sewing box and built a coffee table I designed amongst other things yet he’s never had proper training (ok that’s not about me but I had to chuck it in there)
  • I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression and I still have to take medication to help keep level and I’m an avid supporter of “speak up” campaigns and breaking the stigma around mental health.
  • One of my big fears is for my girls to end up with mental health issues and not feel they can talk about it. It’s something I work very hard on with them.
  • Sometimes/mostimes crafts with my kids makes me want to stick pins in my eyes but I’m always proud of the end results and the playroom is covered in art.

    Another day another craft….

  • Apart from baking and crafting I love to read, anything from romance to horror depending on my mood, I also enjoy books on psychology, however finding time to read these days is nigh on impossible
  • If we won the big win on the euromillions my fantasy is to have a home with a  library like that in beauty and the beast.
  • I also love water, I could live in the bath, back when we used to go on holiday I would pretty much spend my day in the sea/the pool, I’m now almost certain I’m part mermaid.

    Throwback to our honeymoon in the Maldives

  • I’m amazing at swimming on my front with no arms (probably better than with arms TBH) for this reason my sister gave me the name “the eel”.
  • My best friend is the complete opposite to me in looks but we have the same mind and sense of humour back in sixth form we had a dream of having our own sketch show “The Lanky and Stumpy show”.  She is also known as Egg and she’s always called me Noodle, she’s also my #1 fan ❤️
  • I love animals (despite being a keen meat eater), I grew up going to the Aspinall zoo’s and reading about their conservation work, my husband and I have annual passes for both zoo’s at present and I love taking the girls there.

    Taking Maisie to the Aspinall Zoo’s.

  • My mum brought me up to believe in fairies and fantasy and to learn about some wildflowers (although I barely remember any) and I hope I can be the same for my girls. I want them to be lost in imagination and a magical fairy world, I want them to be daydreamers, I feel watching the news these days having that sense of hope and the magic you can get from it is so important.
  • I love bloggers such as the unmumsy mum, brummy mummy of two and how to dad never fails to make me laugh. There are a lot of parent bloggers out there that I love!
  • I was brought up on music like Queen, Meatloaf, T-Rex, Elton John and The Carpenters, which I still love and have on in my car these days.
  • As a child I wanted to be an amazing guitarist and be just like Brian May (yes the hair and everything).
  • This one is a pretty big one, it’s one I can see me getting the most flack for, but, I HATE Pizza, I can’t stand it, I like the ingredients to it (separately of course) but Pizza disgusts me. I’ve tried to like it, even in Venice but nope, it’s a no from me.

    Making Pizza’s despite my detest of them.

  • If I could give some advice it would be to let go of the parent you imagined in your head, just be present, forgive yourself for not always being super mum/dad and take time out from being a parent to be you again or to be a partner. Give yourself up to being a parent but don’t give up on yourself and who you are.

So that’s a little insight to me 😊  Have you got any quirky facts about yourself?