The Gang

So I thought I’d give you a little introduction to myself and my family, so here goes;

My name is Nikki I’m a mum in my late twenties, I’m slightly Harry Potter obsessed (as will become clear soon), Unicorn obsessed and Disney obsessed, I am a lover of baking and crafting (not always successful, but I enjoy the Pinterest attempts).¬† I’m pretty certain I’m half made out of tea with the amount I drink but as I don’t drink much coffee it’s my main fuel apart from all the cake I like to bake.

A recent Photo of myself and the girls

My husband John (JJ) works a lot to support us, he is outnumbered by us girls and our toddler definitely has him wrapped around her finger. John and I have been together¬† for 5 years and married for 3,he’s very laid-back which he needs to be with me and is very much the Ying to my Yang in some ways. We love a bit of Will Ferrell and I’m proud to say I definitely reeled him in with my impressive movie quotes, the lucky devil.

The hubby and I pre-kids on our honeymoon.

Our Eldest Maisie (known as Muj, pronounce mooj) will be 2 in Jan 18, she’s very tall for her age and is very much a spit of her daddy but has my very stubborn and demanding personality, I’m not quite sure I will survive her teenage years if she is like me. Maisie loves dinosaurs (Dine-daurs) blocks, cars, her kitchen, her dolls and repeatedly drawing on the walls much to my annoyance.

Maisie on a recent Zoo visit, worlds grumpiest Tiger!

Our youngest is Luna (named Lulu by Maisie) and yes I did name her Luna after Luna Lovegood from HP, told you I was a little obsessed. currently Luna is 5 months old but is also a giant in 9-12 and 12-18month clothing. There is a 16 month age gap between Luna and her sister. Luna loves kisses, chewing her clothes and pulling my hair. She is a pretty happy baby and looks more like me but with her daddy’s laid-back attitude (thank Christ).

Luna my Harry Potter baby

We have a mad black Labrador called Pumba who is 4 1/2 years old but still thinks he’s a puppy. The girls adore him and he adores when they eat. He is great with them and puts up with Maisie’s “petting” and “cuggles”.

The mad dog, a giant stick and mud.

So that’s a little introduction to my family. I’m sure you’ll discover more as I post.