Welcome to the mombie diaries, a blog for mums and dad’s suffering with the zombie like state that often accompanies raising small humans.

Urban dictionary defines a Mombie as: a woman who has a child and becomes a different person than she was before (often a former feminist); her conversations all revolve around toilet training, feeding schedules, and the occasional housework; so-called because there’s a certain glazed look in the eyes and she appears to have been brainwashed. (click HERE for the link). I would mostly agree with that although I don’t quite know if I was a feminist before kids.

Anyway if you feel a bit on the outside of playgroups, or you’re sick of Perfect Petronella and her perfect daughter Priscilla who could recite the alphabet backwards at 6 months then this is the page for you.  I’m a regular mum, normal Nikki (alright friends wouldn’t call me normal but parenting wise I am), just trying to survive life raising two feral girls, one dog and one semi house broken husband. I’m always honest and I like to touch on some of the more unspoken subjects about parenting which not all of it may be lighthearted but not all of parenting is lighthearted is it? For the most part though, I like to see the funny side of this journey (or I would be in a corner drinking wine, sobbing and rocking back and forth everyday) and I hope you do too. Here’s a couple of links to the most popular stories:

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Here’s a link to my husband being an idiot which never fails to make me lol

Fancy a Laugh?

I also bloody love cake, sweet treats and carby food and the odd craft. Some links to the most popular tutorials/ recipes can be found here:

The Pine-Cone wreath Tutorial

Mombie’s Yummy Christmas Biscuits

Mombie’s Apple Pie Bites


I hope you enjoy the website and please leave comments, send a message, get in touch, I would love to hear from you!