Day 1 of 2018….

This kid is ready to party

It’s day 1 of a new year, as I said in my previous post I don’t believe in that “new year, new me” BS. I do however enjoy the start of a new year and the hope it can bring. 

I’ll start off by painting the picture of Christmastime in our house, John had about 10 days Annual leave before and Christmas until just after boxing day which is unusual and fortuitous, and I’ll be honest we kind of embraced the whole anything goes culture, of over indulging Maisie with treats (John is terrible for this) and having the TV on pretty much all the time. However, when he went back to work, I worked hard to reduce snacks Maisie was having and what they were and on one day we had no TV at all, and after that it was minimal. I told John that we needed to go back to being strict. 

This morning the first thing my darling husband does, is put the TV on for her so she can finish watching Totoro, then straight after that, Moana. I remind him of my rule, he tells me its New Year it’s a treat, then we all have a chocolate each. Then he cooks sausages for breakfast, Maisie adores sausages, she could eat them all day. So, when he serves us breakfast he informs me that myself and him have 2 ½ sausages each in our sandwich and Maisie has 3 sausages, 3! I can tell she’s struggling to eat them but she refuses to share or save them for later and is there ages eating “the precious”.  

Trying to get somewhere

I have to admit I was feeling nostalgic this morning, when Luna starts making the beginnings to crawling and successfully army crawls her way backwards across the living room rug, much to her annoyance. I realised that she’s not a little baby anymore and I feel a bit sad about that. Then Maisie lets me tie up her hair for the first time ever and helps me put shoes on Luna, and I realise how grown up she’s becoming and again whilst I’m proud I’m also sad at how quick it’s gone and how fast my girls are growing. 

After a bit of a lazy morning around the house I announce I would like to go out to a garden centre (because it’s pissing it down so there goes my plan of the zoo or dog walk on the beach) off we head to a garden centre, except of course it’s New Year’s Day and it’s closed. By now it’s also way into Maisie’s lunchtime hour, luckily the garden centre we were heading to is surrounded by restaurant’s so we decide to have a bit of a treat and eat out for lunch, you know, celebrate the New Year and all that.  

We’re shown to a booth, which Maisie decides she’s a big girl and wants to sit up with me, and we attempt to secure Luna unto a high chair (she’s still wobbly sitting up unaided sometimes). We order lunch and some drinks, and all is going well. Maisie is excited to be eating out and not in a highchair that she starts dancing to the Mexican music and we’re the picture of a fun family, I’m dancing with her, everyone is laughing and having fun. The food doesn’t take too long to arrive and we sit down to tuck in, except Maisie doesn’t sit down, Maisie is still on a high, she wants to crawl round the booth, she wants to dance some more, she wants to smear chicken nugget in my hair, she’s spitting out her food onto me because it’s “Baaad”. We’re losing patience, threatening a high chair. Trying to give Luna attention and make sure she’s ok eating her broccoli. The smug feeling has gone, the fun family has gone. There’s just one feral toddler, high on a few sips of apple juice, probably still full from three whole fucking sausages (can you tell I’m bitter) refusing to eat her food and sit still. The bribery comes into play from daddy, of finish your dinner and you can have dessert, you can have ice cream, just have a bit more dinner, OK just have one more nugget and one more chip.  

non alcoholic deliciousness

It doesn’t work, then she stabs herself in the mouth with a bloomin fork which leads to a catastrophic meltdown. I’m wondering why I bought bloody fajitas I have to assemble myself while trying to control a mental toddler and keep an eye on the baby, while daddy sits the other side of the table in his chair, untouched and unharassed, trying not to resent him and remind myself that this is a fun treat.   

After eventually calming Maisie down I have finished my food and sit her on my lap to try and get her to eat at which she just spits her food out onto my plate or pokes it until it *accidentally* falls off her plate, she’s not even having the decency to say “whoopsy daisy” by this point. Then another meltdown starts building when we inform her she will not get dessert or anymore special drink because she won’t eat her dinner nicely. By this point I’ve given up, I’ve admitted defeat. The waitress obviously having witnessed this before (which makes me feel slightly better) comes over and offers to get the bill and did we want to pay straight away? While I take Maisie out to the car, to continue her protestations away from anyone trying to have a nice meal. All the while wondering why oh why did we bother? To add final insult to injury, when the husband joins me in the car he asks me if I’ve got any Rennie in the change bag, I never take indigestion stuff, it is him that needs it regularly and I had to bite my tongue in telling him I’m not his mum and I already have to sort a bag for 2 kids, the same bag he can also put things into. 

Happy Days

It’s now naptime, my spirit is feeling slightly broken from this morning, my hope for the new year much diminished. The only silver lining is that A) It was tasty food, B) Luna seemed to have a good time, C) No washing up. 

I’m now thinking I should’ve made a New Year’s goal not to bother eating out with small people unless there is a big group to entertain them with, even then it’s a gamble. Still it’s only day one of the New Year….. 

P.S. I’m currently eating ice cream, because as I pointed out to John, I ate my lunch 😉