My 2018 Aims

Quite possibly the last time I went out for New Years….6 years ago!

I HATE the word resolution, it just get thrown around to easily at New Year, there’s always the same ones (which I’ve also made) often “get fitter” “eat less crap” are on them. So I have decided to give myself aims for 2018. This year I had one aim which was to survive having two under two, and do you know what? Some days I’ve been blemmin amazing and I’ve surpassed my wildest expectation, other days, well other days I have done exactly what my aim was; SURVIVE. All in all, I did pretty well, so here are some of my plans/goals/aims whatever you want to call it for 2018:

  • Plan more play dates, especially with my best friend Egg and her gorgeous boy, maybe even involve our antisocial hubby’s.
  • More beach trips!
  • Keep making full use of our zoo pass.

    Happy days at the zoo!
  • Have at least two days/nights with friends without kids so I can actually focus fully on my friends and let my hair down a bit (plan a few to allow for John getting called into work/kids/me getting sick because they can smell plans)
  •  Try to have a date night/day at least once a month with John, even if it’s just us watching a film together at home, no phones, and no crafts for me, just spend time together and have a meal together where we really chat, AND have it at the table! (AKA the dumping ground).

    Our Minimoon, back in the child free days when everyday together was a date day 😉
  • Develop the blog, create new and exciting content for you lovely readers.
  • Be a little bit more realistic with setting craft targets for myself I’m terrible at deciding to do a big project and putting it off until the last minute so I’m up all hours stressed trying to finish it.
  • Get more sleep ( HA HA HA) Alright that one is dependent on the kids mainly but a girl can dream, except from in my sleep because that is broken by the sound of cries.
  • Make time for myself, go out for coffee on my own or have an evening off doing jobs to read or have a nice long soak in the bath, this one I say I will do so often and when I do it, it’s so lovely but I’m terrible at giving myself time out.

    Apparently “me time” doesn’t stretch to going back to the Maldives (I checked)
  • Finish decorating the house (see another upcoming post on the rental nightmare).
  • Run a race of sorts such as the race for life which will mean doing some sort of fitness (I’m not promising a transformation here but I need to do something for all the biscuits and cake I consume.
  • Start working on the bucket list, write it down (in my shiny new journal from the hubs) and get on with it.
  • Stop worrying about the past and focus on the present and the future
  • Take some time away from technology to be more present with my family and to process my own thoughts

So that last one does sound a bit hippy-ish I admit but I spend so much time online when I need to learn to put my phone down some more, especially in the evenings, I’m terrible for over thinking and not giving myself time to reflect on these thoughts which ruins my sleep and I’ll be honest I’m pretty sure I’m part sloth such is my love of sleep so I’ll do anything to improve the amount and quality I get.

Finally I shall keep my one of my hubby’s favourite sayings in my head “opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one and they’re normally full of shit”, if nothing else it will make me smile.

Cheers to a ruddy good 2018, may it be filled with sleep, agreeable toddlers and good times. Love The Mombie Diaries X